A country with strong potential for development

The largest economy in the Middle East in terms of nominal GDP, has great credentials to develop a more competitive market and private sector.

Why is Iran an excellent choice for economic activity?

A growing, influential market and industry in the region

Iran’s economy is characterized by its hydrocarbon, agricultural, and service sectors.

With a 100% electrification rate and its vast network of power plants, electricity grids, natural gas lines, roads, railroads, airports, and ports in both the north and south of the country, Iran has the necessary infrastructure to support a growing and dynamic economy.

With access to open waters and a strategic location as a gateway between the Middle East and Central and Southwest Asia, Iran is an important partner in Russia’s North-South trade corridor and plays a central role in China’s massive One Belt One Road initiative, an international development project involving more than 1,700 infrastructure projects and investment of over $1 trillion in 70 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Iran at a glance

Golden opportunity for trade

Great 4 Season Country for Agriculture

GDP has been estimated at $628 billion

Approx.1.08% of the total world population & 1,628,550 Km2 land area

2nd in the world for natural gas, 4th for proven crude oil reserves

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