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More than 80 active branches in iran

The first and largest provider of weighing solutions and tools in Iran.

As a subsidiary of Pandtec Company and 30 years of experience in the heart of Pand Industrial Group, Pand part considered as a reference in the weighing industry and supply of relevant parts. Pandpart has received numerous certifications and now in the foreign markets, including China, France, Germany, Spain and Italy is a business partner of many companies.

Our Business Sectors

Dedicated Sales Sectors In The Field Of weighing Industry

S-Type LoadCells

Digital LoadCells

Single Point LoadCell

Special loadcells

Tension LoadCells

Beam LoadCells

Leading positions in the market of weighing

How we could be the leader of the Iranian market

Customer services
Provide complete technical support for customers in the fastest time with a specialized service unit
Dedicated Sales Departments
Specialized units operate specifically for each product type.
Research & Development
Improving technology and optimization for the Iranian market in the Research & Development unit
Digital & Content Marketing
Use the modern marketing tools and content marketing Approach
Exhibitions & Conferences
Established the use of supplier’s brand and a product by holding related events.
Experienced Logistic
From placing an order to shipping to the customer's installation site with experienced and specialized Logistic & Inventory units

The largest provider of weighing devices

Holding More Than 350 Exhibitions And Conferences To Introduce Technologies​

After choosing a suitable supplier, by holding related conferences and seminars and establishing close relations with customers and local’s, try to establish the use of supplier’s brand and a product with top-ranking quality.

Our achievements

Pandtec Company's Specialized Departments For Products And Market Development

Continuous research to get accurate customer needs

Customise products according to market needs

80% of the loadcell market share in Iran

Careful research to find the Best suppliers in the world

Digital Marketing Activities

Market development and growth through specialized modern Tools Of Marketing and online advertising activities


  • Steady activity in all popular platforms in the Iranian market
  • More than 10,000 monthly visits and impressions on our digital platforms.
  • Strengthen the brand of suppliers using online tools
  • Using content marketing and strategy to create culture of using modern products


Keli sensing technology(Ningbo)

We are proud to work with the one of the best suppliers in the world

  • Keli is currently worlds’ largest steel load cell manufacturer and China’s largest enterprise of weighing components manufacturing and selling.
  • Keli professionally focuses on developing & manufacturing various types of sensors and weighing devices.
  • Keli has been exported to international markets and cooperate with more than 100 countries.
  • Pandtec is the exclusive leading representative of this company in Iran.
  • Pandtec has many years of successful experience in selling KeLi products in Iran

Proud To Work With The World's Top Brands

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