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Iran's capacities in product packaging equipment

Iran The Vast Land Of High Quality Agricultural Products Such As Rice, Tea And Pistachios

  • Packaging of products, especially in food and agricultural materials, is very important due to the growth of Iran’s population.
  • The food industry is growing significantly and is facing more economic and environmental productivity pressures than ever before.
  • Considering rising demand of food resources around the world, turned food supply into complex and multifaceted, so that the global supply chain is crucial, but it also has a massive obstacle named food safety.
  • The longer and more complex the chain, the greater the risk of pollution and corruption. In these cases, the importance of packaging and its quality becomes more apparent.

Iran is the producer of the best pistachios in the world

Iran is a producer of all kinds of tea

Persian rice, taste and aroma of high quality and first class rice

Our Departments

Specialized Activity Of Different Departments In The Field Of packaging

Dedicated Sales Departments
Specialized units operate specifically for each product type.
Customer Service
Provide complete technical support for customers in the fastest time with a specialized service unit
Research & Development
Improving technology and optimization for the Iranian market in the Research & Development unit
Digital & Content Marketing
Use the latest modern marketing tools and content marketing Approach
Exhibitions & Conferences
Developing culture of using Packing and Packaging technology by holding various exhibitions and conferences.
Experienced Logistic
From placing an order to shipping to the customer's installation site with experienced and specialized Logistic & Inventory units

The largest provider of packaging devices

We aim to broadcasting Of Using Modern packaging Technologies Through Activities like Exhibitions And Conferences

What we offer today as packaging systems is based on the real demands of the consumers, preparing these systems according to their wishes.

Iran’s large market has presented various needs to Pandtec. The close relationship of the company’s specialists with costumers in exhibitions and conferences earned the implementation of major projects in order to set up packaging systems, notably among the valuable services of the company.

Pandpack Department is a subsidiary of Pandtec Company and according to the current demands, has offered various other commodities to the industries of the country including products of vacuum systems, barrel filling, liquid filling, bag filling and semi-automatic packaging.

Our achievements

Part of our achievements over the years in the sorting industry

Continuous research to get accurate customer needs

Customise products according to market needs

+20,000 tons of products are packed everyday on our supplier equipment.

Careful research to find the Best suppliers in the world

To achieve goals in the digital world

market development and growth through specialized modern tools of marketing and online advertising activities

By Preparation of textual and visual content for digital platforms and analyze of existing data and content we decided to provide quality improvement solutions and improve overall effectiveness.

At next step by Active ideation and connecting with different organizations of these market we try for emphasize on environmental creativity.

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