About Us

Working Process

Pandtec as a member of Pand Industrial Group, provides services to various industries of the Iran with nearly two decades of continuous and successful activity. Utilizing the latest global technologies in the fields of weighing systems, packaging, filling, sorting and milling  machines.

More than 80 agencies and sales and after-sales service agencies across the country have led to a greater understanding and deeper understanding of the needs of craftsmen and customers of this complex.

Our Process

Three Steps To Reach The Goal

1st step
Find industry challenges
In the first step, our technical team always tries to find the deficiencies and needs of the country’s modern industries through constant research and investigation in order to have a correct understanding of market demands.
2nd step
Collaboration with the world’s top brands
After the first step, Pandtec Company identifies the best and most suitable products in the world and supplies them in the Iranian consumer market.
3rd step
Development of markets, industries and growth platforms
Expand the market and industry by providing efficient solutions, providing a suitable platform for the use of new machines as much as possible in order to increase the efficiency of the head industry

Our Tools

How we achieve our goals efficiently

Customer Service and CRM

  • Structured automation system to track customer needs and provide excellent technical services
  • Record and track all pre and post-installation processes
  • Textual and visual documentation of product installation and customer satisfaction

Research & Development

  • Specialized personnel graduating from the best universities in Iran
  • Localization of new products based on the demands and local conditions of Iran
  • Technical development of products based on existing needs, relying on cutting-edge knowledge
  • Holding training courses and seminars to improve customers’ knowledge
  • Guarantee of supply for all consumable parts
  • Install and set up the device and inform the users
  • Periodic review of product performance and full service of devices

Logistic & Inventory

  • Depot and supply of spare and consumable parts for devices
  • Record of the entry and exit of products
  • Final delivery to customers

Event Marketing

  • Holding conferences to introduce the products and solutions
  • Planning and coordination for attending national and international exhibitions
  • Holding opening ceremonies for new branches and agencies
  • Coordination and execution of internal ceremonies of the company

Digital and Content Marketing

  • Preparation of textual and visual content for digital platforms
  • Analyzing existing data and content to provide quality improvement solutions and enhance overall effectiveness
  • Content management of all company accounts in the digital platform
  • Active ideation connecting with different units of the company for environmental creativity
  • Selecting keywords and writing contents in terms of SEO along with brainstorming in the field of branding

Dedicated Sales Departments

  • Accurate understanding of customer demands plus close communication
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Tracking product installation process
  • Periodic calls to ensure product performance

Customers Club

  • Holding ceremonies for the purpose of sharing the opinions and criticisms of customers
  • Increase access to technical experts and company solutions
  • Encourage and educate customers to sell new products

Our Departments

Specialized sales teams are active in each field.


Pandsort Department, Specializes in sorting, cleaning and milling solutions

Pandsort is a specialized sales and service department of sorting, cleaning and milling machinery in Pandtec company. This department provides the best solution and service in the fields of agriculture and processing industry.

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Pandpart Department, specializes in providing weighing equipment

Pandpart aims to focus on weighing equipment such as loadcell types, displays and other parts.

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Pandcontrol Department, Specializes in providing Inspection and Pharmaceutical Machinery

Pandcontrol equipments, primarily put in service to control the weight and identify extraneous objects inside the product and including the following product categories:  CheckWeigher, Metal Detector and X-ray Scanner

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Pandpack Department, specializes in providing packaging products

This unit focuses on packaging and vacuuming systems and intends to be recognized as the largest provider of semi-automatic filling and packaging machines in Iran in the coming years.

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Pandtraffic Department, specializes in providing traffic control systems

The main field of activity of Pandtraffic is on smart control systems on rail and road platforms.
It has provided various services to institutions such as the Department of Highways and Road Transport, freight companies, customs, ports, border terminals, railways and etc.

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