What made PANDtec leader of sorting market in iran?

Pendtech in the sorting industry

After years of effort and experience in the field of precision systems, PANDtec has started operating in the sorting industry since 2015 after a year of research and planning. PANDtec has set its goal to equip a large part of the country’s factories and production centers with smart sorting devices. For this purpose, in addition to bilateral cooperation with prestigious global brands such as Meyer Company, it has also launched a service and technical support department.

The reason for the superiority of PANDtec

While localizing sorter devices according to Iran’s climatic and industrial conditions, PANDtec offers Meyer smart color sorters with complete services and technical support. The benefits of Meyer smart sorters that are equipped with artificial intelligence have been clearly visible over the years. In short, the reasons for PANDtec‘s superiority in the field of sorting can be summarized in the following points:

Providing the best intelligent sorters
Provision of written guarantee and warranty
Free placement, installation and commissioning
24 hour support

Structured automation system to track customer needs and provide excellent technical services

Holding training courses and seminars to improve customers’ knowledge
Continuous training of device users
Zero percent facilities to maintain customer liquidity
Provision of spare parts and consumables

About Pandtec

Pandtec provides the best engineering services and solutions in the field of sorting, packaging, weighing and control.

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