Presence of PANDtec in Global Tehran Agricultural Exhibition 2022

The company Held More Than 350 Exhibitions and Conferences to Introduce its products and solutions. Simultaneously with the prosperity of conversion industries and increasing the possibility of exporting agricultural products abroad, Pandtec, in addition to investing in the agricultural sector, has actively participated in conferences and exhibitions related to agricultural machinery. One of the mentioned […]

Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture

The CEO of PANDtec company, Mr. Shahram Motamed, has a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, which was attended by some experts and provincial officials and managers of PANDtec company. in this meeting he explained PANDtec company; its goals and approaches for the sustainable development of agriculture and related industries.In a part of his speech, […]

Get to know more about the technical and service unit of PANDtec

Technical Support and Development Department of Pandtec has two sections: Customer Affairs and Technical Development. This department is a powerful arm of the company in product research and development, installation and commissioning of devices, product support and in general, continuous and quality communication with customers. The distinguishing features of this department are as follows: