Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture

The CEO of PANDtec company, Mr. Shahram Motamed, has a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, which was attended by some experts and provincial officials and managers of PANDtec company. in this meeting he explained PANDtec company; its goals and approaches for the sustainable development of agriculture and related industries.
In a part of his speech, referring to the local capacities of different regions of the country in order to use new technologies, Mr. Motamed said: “With the help of experts in the fields of agriculture and industries, PANDtec provides the most complete level of products and services in the field of agricultural products processing. »
He added: “Our goal is to improve the quality standards of agricultural products and services in this industry. We aim to make agricultural machinery and in the field of processing agricultural products from the combination of global knowledge and its integration with the local knowledge , offer the most suitable products with excellent quality.
He stated: Using the scientific power and expertise of local experts, along with the constructive ideas and points of view of experts and activists of the agricultural industry, will lay the foundation for industrial and agricultural development in different parts of the country.

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Pandtec provides the best engineering services and solutions in the field of sorting, packaging, weighing and control.

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