Get to know more about the technical and service unit of PANDtec

Technical Support and Development Department of Pandtec has two sections: Customer Affairs and Technical Development. This department is a powerful arm of the company in product research and development, installation and commissioning of devices, product support and in general, continuous and quality communication with customers. The distinguishing features of this department are as follows:

  • Structured automation system to track customer needs and provide excellent technical services
  • Has specialized personnel graduating from the best universities in Iran
  • Holding training courses and seminars to improve customers’ knowledge
  • Guarantee of supply of all consumable parts to customers
  • Install and set up the device and educate its users
  • Record and track all pre- and post-installation processes
  • 24-hour support

About Pandtec

Pandtec provides the best engineering services and solutions in the field of sorting, packaging, weighing and control.

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